I Look Forward to Continuing to serve you

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It has been both an honor and a privilege to serve this community as a member of the City Council for the last 12 years.  While we have accomplished much, there is still more work to do and I want to keep working to maintain our commitment to public safety, continue to build and grow our parks system and improve our transportation network. 

The city of Lake Elsinore has recently changed how you are represented by implementing voter represented districts. I am honored to represent and live in district 5! District 5 has the History, Lakeshore, Racing and Baseball all within our great city! Although we have changed to district representation, my fellow council members and I will continue to ensure that we make decisions based on the good of our entire community! 

As your Councilmember I have stressed fiscal responsibility, by repeatedly balancing our budgets.  I have fought for the taxpayers, by reducing taxes in our Community Facilities Districts (CFD’s) saving thousands of homeowners millions of dollars.  And I have helped to streamline the permit process to make City Hall Business and Customer Friendly. 

Local government must be approachable and responsive and for the past 12 years when you called I answered.  I look forward to continuing to serve you.

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District 5